Tap Application / Fees

Tap Application

Tap Fee Schedules

Pretreatment Questionnaire

       Builder Inspection / Request Forms

Interior Meter Install Form Three Quarter Inch
Meter Pit Install Form One & Three Quarter Inch
Meter Vault Install Form
Water Sewer Inspection Form and Example
Meter Pit Relocation Form
Hydrant Meter Rental Guidelines

Construction Specs

FCLWD Standard Construction Specs 110615
SFCSD Standard Construction Specifications June 2017

Backflow / Water Quality Information

The Fort Collins-Loveland Water District & The South Fort Collins Sanitation District does not endorse any Product. The following links are for informational purposes only.

Backflow Prevention Cross-Connection Control Handbook from FEBCO Image 1 RP (1)

EPA Cross Control Manual prepared by Watts
50 Water Quality questions produced by Watts

Certified Backflow Testers – Fort Collins-Loveland Water District does not endorse any testers.  List is provided for your convenience.